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Superintendent's Welcome
Superintendent's Welcome
Greetings! It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the DuBois Area School District. We invite you to spend some time exploring our web site so that you may learn about the educational programs and discover the various opportunities learners experience while enrolled in our school district. We believe you will find that the DuBois Area School District is a very special place that cares deeply about the success of the learners whose education has been entrusted in our care.

At DASD we strongly believe in our mission that we are teaching today’s learners to be tomorrow’s leaders! In addition, we continuously strive to create a safe and positive school climate that is welcoming, accepting, and supportive of all learners. Our staff firmly believes that all learners can achieve at increasingly high levels when they are provided with high quality instruction. Our goal is to provide support and quality instructional resources designed to help them meet their individual needs. Our learning facilitators believe, as we all do, that it is our collective responsibility to prepare learners for a successful future and joyful life.

Our vision is to become a school district of excellence that provides the education necessary to make our learners successfully competitive in the developing global economy. We accomplish this by providing each learner with diverse educational opportunities that encompass academic, physical, emotional and social needs. We encourage each learner to continuously learn and to become self-reliant and independent. We strive to continuously develop a safe, positive learning environment that is based upon cooperation and understanding by our learners, learning facilitators, board of directors, family and community. Furthermore, we develop the technological skills necessary for both learners and learning facilitators to acquire and present information, knowledge and concepts.

Please take some time and view our website and learn more about our programs and explore the many opportunities that the DuBois Area School District provides for our learners. We welcome you and your family to DASD and we look forward to serving you!


Dr. Luke J. Lansberry
Objective Performance Standards for the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent
The DASD Superintendent, Dr. Luke J. Lansberry, met the agreed upon objective performance standards.

The DASD Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Wendy Benton, met the agreed upon objective performance standards.