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Reading Competition

The DuBois Area High School (DAHS) book club participated in the Brookville reading competition on October 30. Our ninth grade team, The Page Turners, earned third place honors, and our sophomore team, The Novelties, earned first place. This team has won first place for the past three years as eighth graders, freshmen, and now as sophomores.

For the competition, the student teams need to read 24 books and answer questions about them. The team with the most correct answers wins. 

The sponsors of DAHS book club are Mrs. Megan Lattimer and Mrs. Dorothea Hackett. An additional chaperone, Mr. Chris Tayor, accompanied the thirty student competitors.

9th Grade Reading Competition Team10th Grade Reading Competition Team
Thoughtexchange Results

DuBois Area School District engaged our community in an exchange about academic programs, technology, and safety in our schools. We invited participants to share thoughts and rate the thoughts of others. Visit the Thoughtexchange website to discover the results of the exchange by using the interactive tools available.