DuBois Area Middle School

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 When are my "band days?"
Lessons (enrichment periods): 
6th grade: Mondays
7th/8th grade: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Large Ensemble Rehearsals (ELO 8th Period):
6th Grade BAND ONLY:  M, T, F
7/8th Grade BAND ONLY: M, Th, F
6th Grade BAND/CHORUS: T
7/8th Grade BAND/CHORUS: Th 
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If you cannot make every week, it’s no problem!  These groups are designed to offer additional performance opportunities for interested students, as well as groups for a potential tour of elementary schools.  All practices are held until 4:15pm.
If interested, please contact Mr Sensor.  These groups will be held every week unless otherwise announced.    Please arrange transportation accordingly! Questions?  Contact Mr. Sensor (jsensor@dasd.k12.pa.us) or 375-8770

Beginning Monday, January 13th

MONDAYS:  Band Tutoring/ Extra Help  Work on improving skills on your instrument, especially for new beginners, switchers.

WEDNESDAYS:  PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE… for percussionists AND non-percussionists.  We will perform a variety of music using traditional and non-traditional percussion instruments (ie. buckets, garbage cans, etc!).  A tour of elementary schools is tentatively planned for the spring.

THURSDAYS:  JAZZ BANDmusic in the Jazz/Blues/Rock styles will be performed.  This group will be selective based on interest.  Drum Set, Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones are needed.  Flutes and Clarinets can participate as well even though they are not “traditional” jazz instruments.  A tour of elementary schools is tentatively planned for the spring.


Congratulations to our BLACK BELT band members for completing all SmartMusic Assessments in book 1 with an 85% or better.
Paul B. 8th grade Drums
Leah F. 8th grade Trumpet 
Payton B. 7th grade Flute
Kevin H. 7th grade Saxophone
Kaleb S. 7th grade Saxophone
Sarah B. 6th grade Flute
Ally B. 6th grade Mallet Percussion
Jacob F. 6th grade Drums 



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