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12 months ago

Dear Guest:


The DuBois Area School board recently approved the local audit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. The local audit was conducted by the auditing firm of Mauthe, Yutzey, Gabler & Troxell, LLC of DuBois, PA. Below you will find a summary of the audit report.


·        On pages 6-12 you will find the Manager’s Discussion and Analysis. This section gives the reader and overview of the financial position of the District from the management’s perspective.

·        Pages 13-31 are the financial statements of DuBois Area School District. Some highlights of the section are as follows;

o   The General Fund, Fund Balance decreased by $3,498,447 from last year to a total of $8,856,515 at year end.

o   The District’s General Fund Balance consists of the following:


1.      Committed                                        $93,740.00 (Future retiree health care)

2.      Assigned                                            $3,000,000.00 (Future PSERS costs)  

3.      Unassigned                                       $5,762,775.00


TOTAL                                                         $8,856,515.00


o   The Capital Fund Balance at the end of the fiscal year was $1,825,610 all of which is restricted or assigned for capital projects.

o   General Fund Revenues = $50,273,102 compared to the budget amount of $49,420,829 which is $852,273 more than anticipated.

o   General Fund Expenditures = $53,771,549 compared to the budget amount of $54,368,301 which is $596,720 under budget.

o   The District’s cafeteria had operating revenues of $2,008,315 and expenses of $1,910,747, this activity created an income after a General Fund Transfer of $6,616 in the amount of $104,184 for the year.

o   The District’s outstanding debt at the end of the fiscal year was $27,405,000, a decrease in principal over the year of $2,720,000.


The remaining sections of the audit consist of notes to the financial statements prepared by Mauthe, Yutzey, Gabler &Troxell, LLC our local auditors.You will find the complete audit report on the left of this page.