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Board Members

DASD Board Members

Shown are members of the DuBois Area School District Board of Directors. Front row, from left, are Wendy Benton (assistant superintendent), Danette Farrell (secretary),  Marissa Torretti (student representative), Seth Braid (student representative), Patricia Fish (president), and Edward Ferraro (solicitor). Back row, from left, are Larry Salone (vice president), Scott Farrell, Lee Mitchell, Ben Haugh, Timothy Deluccia, Mark Gilga, Randall Curley and Luke Lansberry (superintendent). Missing is board member Robert Wachob.

Members of the DuBois Area School District Board of Directors are as follows:
Region A - City of DuBois in Clearfield County
Scott Farrell
Ben Haugh
Lee Mitchell 
Region B - Sandy Township, Huston Township and Union Township and Falls Creek Borough in Clearfield County
Randall Curley
Timothy Deluccia 
Larry Salone
Region C - Brady Township and Troutville Borough in in Clearfield County and Sykesville and Reynoldsville boroughs and Winslow Township in Jefferson County
Patricia Fish
Mark Gilga
Robert Wachob 
Any questions for school board members should be directed to or by calling the administrative office at 814-371-2700.  (The School Director email is not to be used for solicitation purposes.)

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