Juniata Elementary

6th Grade Health Curriculum


·        Components of wellness

o  Physical, mental, emotional, and social

·        Overview of all major body systems / concentration on the systems below:

·        Nervous System

o  Anatomy and physiology (the parts and how they work)

o  Associated problems

o  Mental, social, and emotional development as it relates to brain maturation

o  Developmental tasks during adolescence

·        Digestive System

o  Anatomy and physiology

o  Associated problems

o  Nutrition and healthy habits

·        Urinary System

o  Anatomy and physiology

o  Associated problems

·        Drug Education (tobacco, alcohol, OTC, prescription, and illegal drugs)

o  General drug information

o  The science of drug addiction

o  Short and long term consequences of drug abuse

o  Intervention and treatment

·        Safety Education

o  Basic rules of safety

o  Car, pedestrian, bicycle, 4-wheeler, skateboard safety

o  Gun Safety

o  Internet Safety

o  Home alone/protecting yourself

o  Natural Disasters – hurricane, tornado, flooding, etc.

o  First Aid (Red Cross certification available)
In addition to the topics listed above my students will create fun projects, act out skits, keep a short food journal, develop a fire escape plan, etc.