DuBois Area Senior High

 Welcome to Mrs. Sperlings' Home Page

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                                              Welcome to Wellness/10th & PE/9th

 Classes meet 5 days a week. 
10th grade Wellness / Rotation of 
 2 sessions/ physical education and 1 session/ health.
9th grade PE has physical education class only.
Both classes meet for 18 weeks total.
To the left are links that will allow you to access class information and assignments.  I welcome contact from parents so please feel free to email me.
                         "Why all this interest in the human body? 
The answer to this question seems quite clear to me: your body is the only thing you
carry with you from the moment you are born until your very last breath.                                                  
            Dr. Roy Glover, Medical Director
           Painted on the wall at the Carnegie Science Center